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Hey everybody, it's me, the appointed admin via generous and awesome :iconlostespada:, our previous admin whom I respect and will welcome back anytime! I just wanted to let you guys know some things.

:bulletgreen:First off, I'm leaving the club mostly as :iconlostespada: left it, with one exception: I will now accept solo Grimmjow and Nelliel art SO LONG as it's just them, no other characters to support other couplings besides GrimmNel. As I see it, this club is primarily dedicated to the coupling and what can/does make up the relationship. However, each character is also very unique, and we may better understand them as a couple if we see them on their own as well.

:bulletblue: Secondly, if you guys have ANY suggestions as to how I should run the club, please share them via note or on this blog. I didn't know :iconlostespada: very well, though I will try and stay in touch.

So here's to GrimmNel everybody! :w00t!: With summer coming up, maybe a competition or something is in order? :D
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:bulletred: We don't affiliate with anti FCs.
:bulletred: We only affiliate with groups.


:bulletred: We accept GrimmjowxNeliel art only.
EDIT: I will accept solo pictures of Grimmjow and Nelliel now, on the grounds that there's it's just THEM, no other characters to suggest other couplings.

:bulletred: No screenshots. You are talented enough to DRAW, there is no need to spend time on making screenshots.

:bulletred: No traced artwork.

:bulletred: No bashing.

Grimmjow/Neliel FC on Bleach Asylum
Grimmjow/Neliel community on LiveJournal
Grimmjow/Neliel FC on Bleach Exile
Grimmjow/Neliel fanfics on








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Ssshaha Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Student Interface Designer
You guys are inactive? That's sad, maybe you need a new admin? Don't let this ship die!!!!!!
Trainwrekcomics Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016
OK, I am going to admit that I am not a fan of Bleach, but I am curious as to where this relationship came from, since my current research doesn't seem to have hinted at anything between them. And please note that I ask this question out of sheer curiosity, and not hatred or jealousy. 

Thank you! :)
Ssshaha Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Student Interface Designer
Because they match perfectly :D starting from looks, going to their personalities and stories. And they are the only surviving two, which automatically eliminates other ships :D
Trainwrekcomics Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017
I see. Pray, how do their personalities match? I can kinnnnnnnnd of see their looks matching (somewhat), but their personalities...welll....?

Again, not a big fan of Bleach, so maybe you can elucidate the finer points of their personalities?

Also, again, no harm or slight intended!
Ssshaha Featured By Owner Edited Feb 7, 2017  Student Interface Designer
I'm not so good at expressing my thoughts but I will try to.

It is common that opposite personalities attract each other, and that's what gives harmony in a relationship.
While Nel is pretty calm, she hates fighting and she's kind of wise, Grimmjow is totally an opposite, he is a reckless, he loves fighting and he is aggressive. That's the opposite side of them.
They also share some things in common. Well at least them both being a member of Espada, and both are pretty strong, unlike in a lot of relationships, where the girl is usually weak.
Although Nel being #3 and Grimmjow #6 they kind of have this "I'm stronger" competition, (which can be seen from the last arc). Also there's a little bit of "Ichigo is mine" competition :D

Also, if there's anyone to pair Grimmjow with, Nel will make the most sense, at least for the reasons above. Some people pair him with Orihime, which first of all looks gross (at least to me, they look too diverse to match) and second of all Grimmjow would smash Orihime, who's too soft, with his personality. I don't even think he would find something interesting in her or she would even like someone like him. That wouldn't even work if it was a real life. They simply have zero touching points.
Some others pair him with Hallibel, but again, first, they have zero interaction in the series, second they have nothing in common, third they simply don't match look wise.

Grimmjow and Nel just look harmonious together: they've got matching colors (blue and green are complementary colors, which is so satisfying), they both got face paints, both are relatively good looking. Also they both stand out among the others (I noticed this recently while looking at Espada group drawings) with this kind of unique look.

And yes, there's actually some potential in them sometime coming together, even if very little (well I know Bleach is over). Its not shown who exactly finds Grimmjow in the last chapters (if you read the manda) but its either Urahara or Nel. So again, there's at least some kind of interaction between them, unlike with others. Nel is the one to save Grimmjow, Yoruichi and Urahara in the end. They don't show their interactions, but it's apparent that they work together and communicate somehow. . And they both probably return to Hueko Mundo. So I think if Kubo ever decided to show us an Espada pairing (which is obviously not gonna happen) it would be GrimmNell, because there's no other options. And because they totally work, from every point.

Well this turned out long. But you see, when I was watching Bleach recently I got fisrt thoughts about this couple and was like meh, wth, this doesn't make sense. But as I got more into Bleach, I started to get more into them, because this is the one couple that would actually work.

I actually don't know why this pairing is not that popular.
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KatyMarshall Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
My shipper heart........
emomage101 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Student
Can I please join? I love GrimmNel as much as NnoiNel.
lilluvlyan9el Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I finally found home. :P
Lionsong Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconnelplz::iconsaysplz: Your wonderful club has been featured here: [link] Please :+fav: if you enjoy the article! :heart:
LostEspada Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
Thank you! :+favlove:
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